Cheer organizations create impulse for school spirit


School spirit in the 2014-2015 school year has taken on a new definition school wide and this is how cheer organizations show theirs.

From the administrators to the students, face painting, hair dyes, and the bold blue and gold outfits worn on Fridays or Saturdays in the stands for game days. It’s as if the school has turned over a new leaf, especially now that the construction is done.

Cheerful organizations practice for hours after school, and during the school year they bring back trophies or achievements for the school attendees to be proud of. It gives students the motivation to get their school work and their other goals on track for the path to success.

The marching band, the people who bring the stands to life, go all or nothing at practices and sport events. The band directors find time for the members to practice music and the field show. The members participate in band traditions during the week to bring life to the organization such as “short shorts” Thursday, Standing in the blazing sun and practicing for hours, three days a week may be tiring for them but it pays off well in the end.

“The band gives me a creative outlet and enhances my school spirit,” said senior band member John Vindiola. “Being a part of a family like the band lifts me up in high hopes for an outstanding season this year”.

The Bearkadettes dance at halftime and dance to every song the band plays in the stands. They practice for hours after school and even at the games too. They dance to song more relevant to society’s standards such as “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters.

“I continue my school pride and spirit from the love and support of my friends and family,” said sophomore Bearkadette Elaine Love. “School spirit affects my whole entire life on and off the campus in a great way. It causes me to be grateful for such a wonderful school.”

The people who bleed blue and gold, the Klein Standleaders are all about Klein spirit. They show Klein spirit and to help the student body have the same amount of spirit as they do.

“It is everything to me and the others to have the crowd pumped and energetic,”   said senior Standleader Matthew Horaist. “School spirit becomes a part of my life. I know both on and off the field that I carry Klein’s reputation and its spirit on my shoulders. I would want to show everyone what school spirit is about.”

Meanwhile on the sidelines, the cheerleaders get the crowd, the team, and the coaches motivated. They also participate in school pep rallies to get the student body excited and ready for upcoming school games. They can also get the students motivated for other events through things such as posting banners along the school stairs and walls.

Together these groups among others make school spirit great and create special memories for all.