Student of the Week: Zach Plappert


Katy Clark

Photo of senior Zach Plappert taken by Katy Clark


From band to German club, to Photoshop, Klein High School senior, Zach Plappert, has many talents. He plays the clarinet in Klein’s concert band, but that is not the only instrument he has taken on. Plappert is a guitarist and he claims to also dabble in the piano. Although music is a large part of Plappert’s life, he takes interest in other forms of art as well, such as Photoshop.

“I also enjoy messing around with Photoshop,” Plappert said about another one of his hobbies, “I have used it to create many cool pictures.”

His fascination for Photoshop takes the forefront in deciding his major. Both schools he has looked at are in Pennsylvania with strong design programs: Robert Morris University and Saint Vincent College.

“I want to major in Digital Design so I can use my Photoshop skills for my future job,” Plappert said.

Plappert’s career choices are extremely versatile at the moment.

“For a career, I might want to be a pilot or a web designer or a Disney cast member.” said Plappert, “As you can see, I really don’t know what I want to do for a job yet either.”

Although he may be unsure of his future job, that’s not stopping him from trying new things and experimenting in different fields he may go to.

“Not many people know this,” Plapper said, “I have flown an actual real life plane before. Yes, that’s right, I have flown a plane but I don’t even have a driver’s license.”

Right at the moment, however, Zach is focused on his senior year, being a good student, and an excellent friend.

“Zach is one zealous, awesome, courteous, humane leader who continues to aspire for new goals every day,” said Plappert’s friend, senior Nancy Preston.  “He always makes everyone around him smile and brings laughter to a dull room.”