Student of the Month: Christine Jou


Photo of Christine Jou

Ashley Boutte, Staff Writer


The media sometimes portrays class valedictorians as a cliché of coke bottle glasses, long nights that turn into early mornings, and puffed up pride over knowing the whole periodic table. That stereotype, however, fails to give an accurate portrayal of Klein High’s class of 2016 valedictorian. Senior Christine Jou breaks the mold with her humbleness, free time to invest in clubs and people, and her signature different colored socks.

“I’m president of math club,” Jou said. “Secretary of NHS, VP of ComSci, and Physics team leader of Science Club and that’s just for school. I do a computer science girl outreach program. It’s like teaching middle school girls computer science. I edit a science journal and I play violin with private lessons and I play lacrosse.”

The amount of activities Jou participates in is sometimes overwhelming for herself, and at first glance it would seem she would not even have time to breath. That, however, is not true.

“A lot of people think I do homework all the time but I don’t.” Jou said. “I do all my homework in school so when I go home I just do other stuff and then I take a nap.”

This attitude would be foreign to most students of advanced classes but Jou handles it well and is able to continue her hobbies like crafting miniature figurines like animals and food and watching reruns on her computer. She also enjoys going to school to meet new people and talk to her friends. But, although she now enjoys her time on the Klein High campus, Jou looks forward to her future.

I was looking at UT and probably some out of state schools.” Jou said, “and I’ll probably major in Computer Science, physics, or math. I’ll probably be like a professor, doctor or researcher or something along those lines.”

Though college is months away and a career is even further, Jou has already received experience in one of her possible professions when she entered a research competition called Siemens.

“There are three major research competitions like Siemens and I won the semifinals.” Jou said, “It was like a major accomplishment for me because it was like a research competition and I did all the research over the summer. I did [research] on micro droplets and the absence of gravity and we just analyzed it and what it did for fluid flow.”

Jou has a feeling she will go into research because that is already a part of her life, however, she does not necessarily want to work in the field of Physics.

“I may do some kind of Biology,” Jou said. “Like cancer research or something similar. That would be cool.”

It is obvious that science is a major component of Jou’s life, however, that is not her favorite class this school year.

“I actually really like English.” Jou said “We always like debate on what we think poetry is and we yell and Mrs. Vela is like ‘will you stop talking’ and it’s really fun.”

Even though she is preparing to attend college soon, Jou still sticks to her roots.

“I drink chocolate milk in Spanish Literature every day,” Jou said.