Student of the Week: Abby Dommert


Photo of Abby Dommert by Katie Clark


Senior Abby Dommert’s extracurricular actives are extremely diverse. She participates in choir, where she is an officer, however that is not the only organization she is in at Klein. Abby is also a member in Latin Club. Off campus, she is involved in her Youth Group at church. Dommert’s variety in activities is also carried on to her love of books.

“Sometimes I want a nice fluffy little romance,” Dommert said, “and sometimes I want a good action adult novel but it just depends.”

Besides reading, Dommert said she enjoys writing and, like most teenagers, going on Tumbler and of course Netflix. However, going on the internet doesn’t stop D from making good grades and searching for colleges that will stretch her.

“I’ve applied to A&M and Notre Dame,” Dommert said, “and I’m looking at UT, Rice, and Duke, but probably Notre Dame and A&M.”

Dommert believes that whichever school she decides to go to, she will get a good degree that will assist her in her career options.

“I want to double major in English and anthropology,” Dommert said. “I want to go and get my graduate degree and go and maybe be a professor or a writer that travels around.”

Even though Dommert’s career may not take her around the world, she is getting the experience now.

“I’ve been to Norway before,” Dommert said, “and I hiked up a fjord and I didn’t fall off and die.”