Klein High Defeats Klein Oak


Riley Brown

The Bearkats get ready for the football game against Klein Oak


The Klein High Bearkats took a huge victory over the Klein Oak Panthers 31-26 on October 23 . This is the first time in two years that Klein High has come out on top. Big plays were made all over the field on both sides of the ball in order to reach this milestone.
“I am very proud of my teammates for working hard, playing together as a family, and finally beating oak,” senior Collin Reedy said “ Going into the game I was nervous, but knew that I would play good with a great team to back me up. During the game I was very confident that we would win the game with the great coaches and teammates I have. I am very excited to know that I can leave my high school career knowing that we took down a tough team.”

Reedy made big plays making it very tough for Klein Oak’s offense to get the ball moving and into scoring position.
“Winning the game Friday means everything as a team we have worked hard all year and have tried our best through thick and thin, through the blood, sweat, and all of the running after practice it is really good to know that it is all paying off,” said senior linebacker Reid Evans. “During this game I was very nervous but never gave up and fought to the finish I know the season is almost over so going out beating our biggest rivals after we were doubted all season feels really good.”
This game meant everything for a lot of the senior players because of all the four years of them being in high school Klein Oak have won every year until now.
“No matter how this season ends or what our record ends up being , beating Klein Oak was a win that I will never forget. Football is not a promised sport but all I can do now is enjoy the felling and play my hardest so that I can see the big smiles on my teammates faces after the game is over. This is something I will remember forever and never forget,” Reedy said.