Injuries Impact on Athletes


Kamryn See

Junior Hudson Rodriguez is carried off the field b the athletic trainers after sustaining a significant injury to his knee.


Athletes all over the world put their bodies on the line every day. Whether they’re playing a game; working out in the gym, or simply just going through the motions at practice; athletes must be very careful about how they take care of themselves every day of their lives.


The Bearkats were plagued with injuries; throughout the season. Finishing the season with a 5-5 record, after winning two games straight. The Bearkats are already working towards next season.  


“First and foremost; players need to take care of their bodies; during the season,” Coach Shane Hallmark said. “As coaches we control practices; we never have full contact drills; when the season starts. Unfortunately in football; you could take all of the precautions in the world and players still; can get injured. Losing Tyson (Thompson); last year’s district MVP; was substantial. The leadership and playmaking ability he brings can’t be replaced. Luck and prayer never hurt.”


Injuries vary between each player by what position they play and what they were doing that caused an injury. For instance; a wide receiver like Thompson; the most common injury spot would be the ankles. However; an offensive line position like Corban Jimenez; the most common injury spot would be the knees. Training is very important for all athletes; how they train and prepare themselves is more valuable as a pose to how much they train. 


“Different positions in football require different training techniques in practice; during individual position drills,” Defensive line Coach Belton said. “Quarterbacks go through very different drills; then a defensive lineman. We focus on getting bigger, stronger and faster each day; and focus on resistance training, sprinting, strong man drills and proper form and technique.”


The coaches adapted to the different injuries; which were inflicted on their players; throughout the season. Medical trainers were alongside them trying to get their players back healthy.  


“The injuries were handled with knowledge and patience,” Running back Kenzo Viteri said. “Seeing the trainers every day and showing up early for treatment; none of us will sit around and wait for it to heal. We’ll go out and make it heal”


Dealing with injuries takes a lot of time and patience; the injuries impact on athletes can be very stressful. Injuries require other players to step up to the line and perform; as well as or better than the person who got hurt. 


“The team has handled all the injuries through perseverance,” Viteri said. “Football is a team sport, not an individual sport. When a player goes down; the next man has to step up. There are no backups at Klein. We don’t consider anyone a “back up”. We’ve all trained all offseason to be ready to step up at any time no matter what the circumstances are. That’s how we’ve been able to stay together as a team.”   


The Bearkats hold their offseason training program immediately after the season ends; working on things like energy levels, strength, and recovery process. Not only is training important to an athlete and how they train; but eating healthy and staying in shape year-round play into how each player performs in each game. Maintaining a well-balanced diet; is important; for an athlete’s success.  


“One of the important things for an athlete to manage; is diet,” Belton said. “Food is fuel for your body; you must put the right kind of fuel in your body. A highly trained athlete cannot perform well with a poor diet. Not eating enough or eating the wrong foods and not staying well hydrated directly affects the performance of the athlete. We focus on getting bigger, stronger and faster each day; and focus on resistance training, sprinting, strong man drills and proper form and technique. Attending summer Strength and conditioning camp is vital to our athlete’s success. It is an extension of our offseason program and helps us continue to build strength; and come together as a team over the summer.”