Underdogs Upset Undefeated Klein Collins


Andrea Sierra

D’Anthony Simms extends the ball after a play, trying to gain a few extra yards.



A light rain began to fall upon Klein Memorial Stadium as the Bearkats geared up to face the undefeated Klein Collins Tigers at home. The game was predicted to be an easy win for the Tigers, yet the Bearkats were all but discouraged.

“Coming in, we were 0-3 against them,” free safety Omaric Battles said. “We were just riled up that whole week going into the Collins game. We had high spirits that we were going to win”

Collins took no time to get into their groove, quickly scoring in the first quarter making the game 7-0. The game soon came to a standstill, with neither team able to score on each other, until the end of the second quarter, when running back and receiver D’Anthony Simms plunged into the endzone. With the game now tied at 7-7 the teams both headed to the locker rooms for halftime, the momentum in the home team’s hands.

“Going into halftime we felt pretty good” kicker Logan Grey said. “Scoring right before definitely helped… gave us that extra energy going into the second half.”

The teams took the field again, the Bearkats eager to capitalize on their newfound momentum. However, the Tigers quickly reminded everyone in attendance why they are considered one of the best teams in Texas, driving down the field to score once again.  The Tigers had now taken a 13-7 lead after missing the extra point.

“They were only up by six at the time and we knew for sure we were still in the game,” senior Chris Johnson said. “We knew regardless of whether or not they made that kick that we were still in the game. All we had to do was drive down the field and score, and we would take the lead.”

With the rain now pouring down the underdogs lined up to take their final stand in the fourth, quarter hoping to take the lead and end the game.

With the rain now pouring down the underdogs lined up to take their final stand in the fourth, quarter hoping to take the lead and end the game. Slowly driving down the field, every play only increased the tension and unease in the stadium, everyone unsure of the fate of the game.

Simms said he wasn’t worried though, knowing he could rely on his teammates.

“There was one play where we needed the first down, and I knew I was getting the ball,” he said. “I was really relying on my line, and they got the job done.”

As the clock winded down, the offense came closer to the endzone and achieving the upset they’d been waiting for all season. After a long drive the offensive line prevailed, pushing the defense back and allowing senior Omaric Battles to score a touchdown and tie the game at 13 all.

“After I scored I couldn’t do anything but thank my line and thank my coach for believing in me,” Battles said. “I told the defense that if I scored we were gonna win the game, and that’s what I did.”

Andrea Sierra
Omaric Battles runs down the sideline celebrating his game-winning touchdown.













With the score now tied by the previous touchdown, the fate of the game rested on the extra point attempt. If the kick was good, the score would now be 14-13 and the Tiger’s winning streak would be snapped. The kicker lined up for the attempt, feeling the weight of the game resting on his shoulders.

Only one thing was running through Grey’s mind “Don’t Miss” he said. “I took about 10 kicks on the sideline just to make sure that I didn’t miss that last one.”

The kick was good and the Bearkats took a late lead, leaving almost no time for the Tigers to answer. However, if any team was going to come back, it was Collins and as their offense lined up, the defense knew they had to make a stop. Collins never got the chance to come back though, as on their final drive the ball was fumbled and recovered by the defense, sealing the 14-13 upset. The team flooded the field, cheering and reveling in what they had accomplished

“It was like a party. I’m not going to lie to you,” Simms said. “We were throwing water everywhere, dancing, jumping up and down. Stuff you would see people doing if they won”

The win is extremely momentous for the team, pushing them into the final games of the season with a newfound confidence. After all, beating an undefeated Klein Collins is no small feat.

“It put us on top for this year,” Battles said. “I feel like it just carried over the confidence. Feeling that like, since we’re the first to do it, just in the past four or five years, we can do it again next year.”