Bearkats Show School Spirit During Homecoming Week


Augusto Moreno-Morales

Football players run out onto the field at the homecoming game against Klein Forest.


As students leapt to their feet to celebrate a touchdown, popcorn flew and the stands roared with school spirit. Homecoming week is a staple of Klein culture, and seeing the students flooding the halls dressed in various costumes is a highlight of the year for every Bearkat.

“We try really hard to not repeat dress up days, especially within the past four years, so people throughout their whole time [at Klein] have different days and are able to dress up as different things,” senior and student council president Payton Bryan said. “We wanted to do something that gave people a lot of liberty to be able to dress up as anything they want.”

Throughout the week, Student Council led the student body in a series of wild dress up days, including alphabet day, in which students and staff dressed as something that started with the first letter of their first name; mathlete vs. athlete, where students chose whether to brain out or muscle up; spirit day, where everyone dressed in Klein colors and spurred the football team on to victory; and character day, where the hallways were filled with everyone’s favorite characters. After a week full of school spirit, it was no surprise when the football team played harder than ever.

“I know we have been struggling a little bit on defense,” Chivas Belton, defensive line and strength coach said. “Homecoming is a week that we kind of get behind because of all the festivities, and I think we did a good job locking on the game.”

Though Klein Forest fought hard, the Bearkats pulled ahead and managed to win 28-7. Meanwhile, the Bearkadettes presented their signature dance, Hooray for Hollywood and were followed after by the band and the color guard performing the song “Masquerade.”

“I just want to say thank you to everybody in Klein, everybody that’s from this school,” sophomore and varsity defensive lineman Camron Nanez said. “Y’all gave me a good opportunity coming here from California, and I appreciate every single one of you.”