Rivalry Game Lives Up to Hype


Over the years the Klein Bearkats and the Klein Oak Panthers have built an electrifying animosity towards each other and built a good healthy rivalry. This game is always a special one, but this time there was even more at stake with this being the first district game of the season.


On Friday, September 14, the Bearkats hosted the Klein Oak Panthers at Klein Memorial Stadium in their first district game of the season.


District games bring out a lot of emotions, but when it’s a rivalry as well it intensifies them to the max.


“It’s a rivalry game and we’ve grown a strong passion for Oak games,” senior defensive back Omaric Battles said.


The Bearkats fought hard the whole game, even throwing in a little trickery with a fake punt ran for a 64-yard touchdown by junior Tyson Thompson at the end of the half.  


“[We played] not bad but could’ve been better,” Battles said.


The score sat at a stand still for a large portion of the third quarter as both teams showcased their stellar defenses.


“We played solid on defense, they have a pretty good team and and an excellent offense” senior Aaron Black said.


The hype behind the game played a big impact in what happened on the field and the pre-game preparation.


“Since they’re our rivals practices goes up a notch, we practice harder and longer,” said Black.


The game-plan of the Bearkats was poorly executed players said. They hope to get together in the future.


“[We should’ve] watched more film and cut out outside distractions. [In the future] we will study the game plan alot harder,” said Battles  


The Bearkats fell short in a  26-12 loss to the Panthers and fell 0-1 in district play. Although the Bearkats’ lost, their season is far from over and this gave them a humbling learning experience.


“After four games all the pain we’ve experienced in the past will be behind us and its only up for the rest of the season,” Battles said.