All Good Things Come to an End


On Nov. 16 the Klein Bearkats’ hard fought football season came to an end, with a first round playoff loss to the Westfield Mustangs. The game was one for the books, but the Mustangs came out on top with a narrow 10-6 victory.

For the seniors it was an emotional experience, with it being their last time suiting up as a Bearkat and some for good.

“It hurt, but, I was proud of what we accomplished these past four years until this point,” senior Darrick Castleberry said.

The closeness of the players spilled out on the field. Over the four years the players and coaches have grown a brotherhood and a strong love for one another.

“I’m going to miss the bond with my coaches and my teammates [the most],” senior Aaron Black said.

Football brings lots of people joy, even if they are just watching it. Throughout the past seasons the players have made life lasting memories they’ll never forget.

“[My favorite football memory is] beating Collins because we’re like the first team to do it in five years,” senior Omaric Battles said.

For some players, the loss to Westfield was the end of the road for football, but not from the lessons they have learned.

“[Football has taught me] how to be a leader and how to work as a team for a common goal,” Castleberry said.

With fun and good times, there is often a little amount of regret. The thought that you always could’ve done something differently.

“I wouldn’t have taken it [the football season] for granted and played harder, like every moment was my last,” Black said.

The football season zoomed by even with all of the close games and thrilling finishes.

“The end came faster than expected,” Black said.

Although this is the end of football as a Bearkat, it’s the start of a new chapter for some.

“[I am] undecided on which college [I am attending], but I am going to play football on the next level,” Battles said.