Bearkats Get Their Groove On

Klein students dance the night away at their 2021 homecoming dance.


Augusto Moreno-Morales

Juniors Jeiner Palma- Contreras and Naomi Husted share a special homecoming proposal at the Klein vs. Tomball Memorial game.

Maggie Atkinson, Staff Writer


For so many spirited Bearkats, seeing the joy and excitement during homecoming week is the highlight of the year. On October 16th, the cafeteria was decorated with lights and streamers, showing off the student council’s hard work and filling students with school spirit.

“I’m really excited. We have been working a lot on the posters and setting up.” Annie Meyers, junior and student council vice president said. “Especially for student council members, it’s a huge buildup [to homecoming week].”

Students hit the dance floor, showing off their favorite dances like the Wobble, the Cupid Shuffle, and the Cha Cha Slide. Throughout the night, Bearkats snacked on chips and candy as they met up and laughed with their friends. A photo booth was set up and attendees flooded it with pictures of their friends and dates. Leading up to the dance, many lovestruck Bearkats constructed elaborate proposals for their dates.

“I was really surprised [that I got a homecoming proposal],” senior Maha Siddiqui said. “Because it was at the Klein vs. Cain game, the stands were packed, and it was in front of so many people. I was really scared that jumping down from the bleachers I was going to fall on my face, but I didn’t, and I was really happy.” 

Whether through song or with cute punny posters, love was in the air at Klein High. Throughout the month of October, Bearkats celebrated and cheered as their friends created elaborate proposals for their homecoming dates. One of the most notable moments from the weeks leading up to homecoming was junior Augusto Morales proposing to sophomore Evelyn Morris with a song and poster filled with pictures of them together during lunch. 

“I planned everything for a month before, and it was supposed to be bigger with the band catching everyone’s attention, but at the end, they were not allowed to play in the cafeteria, so I had to work with what I had. I pretended to be sick the entire day so she wouldn’t expect it to happen today, which was perfect,” junior Augusto Morales said. “I was just really happy I got to show her how much I love her through a homecoming proposal.”