Homecoming Jamboree

Jennifer Cruz, Web Master & Staff Writer


Last month, Klein High School donated $2,000 to a Klein ISD student diagnosed with brain and spine cancer. Many student organizations participated in a Homecoming Jamboree in order to raise the funds.

“The StuCo executives [heard] about the 6th grader who is on round two of this cancer this summer, and wanted to help his family,” said StuCo sponsor Misty Kroon

In the Jamboree the Klein High School organizations came up with different games and foods that students could participate in with tickets, bought by students for $1 each and the money made from the tickets was donated according to each organization.

Many people enjoyed the jamboree, and how creative the idea is to come up with all of the different decorations and activities all to go to a good cause.

“I think it’s pretty cool. When I walked outside the day of it looked like a festival or something. It was also cool that by buying something we were helping someone else out,” said freshman Sophia Sanchez

Other people enjoyed the things that were provided.

“I liked the food. I had a snow cone from Kona-Ice, it was good and it felt good to give money to a good cause and getting food for it” said freshman Emily Boyd.

Overall many of the clubs were happy to join in and help out.

“Participating in the Jamboree was an overwhelmingly emotional and psychological rollercoaster of an experience. Walking out the doors of our magnificent school to witness such an event, flooded my body with a sense of euphoria and elation. Knowing that all of this joy and happiness was also directly contributing to a fellow KISD citizen, is truly an incredible and exquisite experience.” said Latin Club Sponsor, Suzanne DePedro.

Other clubs were more than happy to donate everything they earned in order to help the cause.

“We donated everything that we earned at the jamboree. Participating was fun this year, though I admit that this year I didn’t have to do very much. The officers of the club did all of the hard work, along with an additional member or 2. We were trying to get as much as we could so that we could hopefully help out someone in some small way,” said DECA sponsor, James Mather.

In addition, here is how much some clubs raised:

Cheer – raised $500 and donated 10%

DECA – raised $211 and donated it all

FFA – raised $177 and donated it all

Freshman Class – raised $700 and donated 10%

Latin Club – raised: $169 and donated 17%

Yearbook – raised $190 and donated about $40