The 12th Annual Mr. Topkat

Surina Mistry and Jennifer Cruz


Mr. Topkat, an annual event held by the Klein Standleaders at Klein High, was highlighted by a performance by Associate Principal Mr. Hayes on February 23, 2017.

“During Mr. Hayes’ performance I felt like I was at a live Kanye performance the atmosphere was very nice and it was very wild,” senior, Kalysta Zarate said. “ It was really hyped up and he was going all in. His imitation of Kanye was very spot on. His lip-syncing was perfect.

Even though Mr. Hayes claimed he wasn’t nervous at all, many contestants were nervous before performing, but still had their game faces on.

“I wasn’t really nervous. It was more of a mental thing because you know you’re gonna embarrass yourself. You just have to have fun with it,“ said second runner-up, senior, Dji Black.

Contestants were very pleased with their performances and were very excited.

“It was fun and it was our time to be crazy and just enjoy what we’re doing,” said Mr. Topkat winner, senior, Sam Hodges

All of the contestants wished they won, but in the end there can only be one Mr. Topkat.

“To win Mr. Topkat was good. It was tough because I had a lot of guys next to me with a lot of talent, so to win was kinda big deal,” Hodges said.

Contestants were also happy with winning superlatives such as Best in Show.

“To win best in show,  (I’m going to tear up a little bit). It was a really great honor, I knew my fans had my back,” said winner, senior, Alex Villarreal.

Some contestants went home with many awards to bring home to their family.

“I was surprised honestly. I mean everyone saw the best physique thing coming, but I didn’t think I would win first runner-up,” said First Runner Up and Best Physique winner, John Nicknish.

Although winning was fun for some contestants, some were more excited for specific portions of the show.

“Swimwear was definitely my favorite because I came out and ripped my pants off and the crowd went wild,” Villarreal said.

Judges were looking for very specific things to determine who the winner would be.

“I was looking for great personality on stage, playful without being over the line with like suggestiveness. A good physique, nice selection in clothing,” said Judge, and English teacher Amy Breeding.

The Standleaders were proud of the turnout of  Mr. Topkat and that their preparations paid off.

“Starting back in the middle part of January, every day in class we would get with two Standleaders, who were the girls that were teaching us, and everyday we would learn 10-15 seconds of the dance and just add on each day and get a little further,” said Standleader, Preston McMath.

Overall, this year’s seniors have set the bar pretty high for next year.

“It was fun and it was our time to be crazy and just enjoy what we’re doing,” said Hodges.