Students attend annual Houston Rodeo

Surina Mistry, Staff Writer


Every year, Houston holds an annual Rodeo that is full of carnival rides, livestock shows, and concerts. This year many students at Klein High School attended and recommend everyone to go.

“If you’re from somewhere else and visiting Texas, from a different state or if you have family coming in it’s something that is known in Texas, so it’s something that would be brand new to someone and would be a lot of fun,” said junior, Jessi Shank.

There are various things to do at the rodeo. Many people enjoy either the carnival, livestock shows, or the concerts.

“I think the livestock part of the rodeo was the best part, just cause there’s more to do, you can go to the livestock petting zoo, you can watch the rodeo itself, then there’s the auction, but the concert its just like that little concert for an hour and then you’re done,” Shank said.

Many people also enjoyed the carnival part of the Rodeo.

“It was amazing and really fun. There was a lot of rides and it was really exhilarating. I just had a ton of fun,” said junior Jesse Wier.

The food was also a highlight from the Rodeo.

“Oh my goodness you have to get those Fried Oreos, the Fried Oreos are really good,” Wier said.

The concert performances varied from country singers to pop singers.

“I saw Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Chris Young,” senior, Emily Smith said.

Students are already anticipating next year’s concert line-up.

“Someone’s starting next year, I want to say its Garth Brooks, but I’m not sure, but whoever is starting and ending next year is who I’m looking forward to,” said Shank. “I like the ending because you see the end of the entire Rodeo and then the beginning is like the start of the Rodeo.”

The Rodeo is a highly-suggested place to go to per students. It is not a place to go to alone.

“Yeah people should go,” Wier said. “I went with my girlfriend. You should bring some friends. Don’t go by yourself because that’s pretty awkward if you do, other than that, yeah you should definitely go.”

Everyone had their favorite parts from the Rodeo and are waiting to go again next year.

“I kind of like the rodeo itself; the bull riding and all that stuff,” Shank said. “I really like the barrel racing because my mom used to do that and I thought it was really cool and I want to try it, but I’m not really good at it.”