New campus facilities equals huge changes


New classrooms, unfamiliar hallways, and confusion overtook KHS this January. The new room numbers and different locations presented teens with a difficult time trying to find the right classrooms.

“The first day in the new building was confusing and I felt like a freshman all over again,” said senior Yisvi Aroche. “I had a hard time finding all my classes and trying to get there before the tardy bell. However, I love the new classrooms and the different seating arrangements. With the new tables, I am able to sit next to a friend and it helps me stay more alert.”

Along with the new decor inside, thanks to natural lighting provided by the windows, the courtyard is visible to most classes.

“The one place I really like about the new building is the courtyard,” said freshman Victoria Do. “All the bare trees and plants make the area look great.”

Most students seem to enjoy the new building and the unique features it provides for everyone. With the district bundling up, a trip outside is limited.

“I really like the new buildings and classrooms,” said junior Nikita Gambir. “However, the one thing I miss is walking outside in between class periods. Also, I really don’t like walking all the way to the fourth floor. By then I’m literally out of breath.”