Answers about Antigoddess

student review of first book in new series


Kendare Blake, acclaimed author of Anna Dressed in Blood, is back, and she comes with Antigoddess, her first installment in her new series The Goddess Wars.

Antigoddess takes place in a world where the gods are still alive and breathing; the only question is for how much longer it will last. The story follows the grey-eyed goddess Athena and Hermes, the messenger god, as they quest to find out why Athena is slowly being smothered by cancerous feathers growing from inside her body and Hermes’ body is slowly being eaten away by fever.

Desperate to find the cause of their miserable deaths, Athena and Hermes travel across the country to find answers and perhaps prevent the twilight of the gods. Along the way, they discover allies and enemies old and new, including Cassandra, an average teenage psychic who used to be a powerful prophetess under the protection of a god.

The problem? Cassandra doesn’t know anything about the gods. However, with a desperate Hera ready to kill Cassandra to survive, Cassandra has little time to realize nothing, especially not herself, is what it seems.

Blake makes her book well worth the money with her original retelling of the twilight of the gods, especially in a world where stories based on Greek mythology are as popular as they are. With a brilliant, dark, occasionally horrific voice, the gods are portrayed exactly as they should be: vengeful, determined, and brutal. The mortal characters are equally brilliant, giving readers an idea of what it’s like to be thrust in a world where loved ones could easily be immortals and you might have been a hero in a past life.

With her shockingly edgy voice, Blake brings readers into a world that will keep everyone guessing and make them sympathize and love and feel for the characters as they struggle with themselves and the forces out to kill them.

Though some basic knowledge of the Trojan War would be useful, it’s hardly necessary; anyone, especially fans of Greek mythology and the horror-mystery genre, will enjoy it. Blake does a remarkable job of keeping readers on the edge of the seat before letting  them know happy endings are not her style.

Antigoddess offers a good read with its unique retelling of the gods’ twilight, chilling voice, amazing characters, and brilliant plot. Blake doesn’t disappoint in her newest book, and she leaves the reader with a knot in their heart and the desire for the sequel.