Bearkat softball season leaves lasting impact

Team ends with 8-8 overall record


The arrival of any sport season brings about change, from differences in the teams faced to the departure and arrival of players.

Some sport teams also have changes in the head coach, which is exactly what happened to the Lady Bearkat Varsity softball team.

“This is my first year here at Klein High School,” said head coach Candi Weige. “It takes a few weeks to start gaining respect for a new coach, but the girls are great. I have never felt more ‘at home’ than I have here.”

The district season ended on April 19 with a game against Atascocita. Even with a 8-8 district record, the determination shown by the coach and the players both at practice and on the field reflected their desire to go to playoffs.

“I would like to live up to my potential, win offensive player, and contribute in any way possible to get to playoffs,” said junior first baseman Michelle Tasin.

“Six really good teams are capable of making playoffs. If we do well this round, we’ll make it to playoffs,” said senior pitcher Kelli Hanzel. “We’re known as the underdogs, and I want to beat teams that we had trouble with in the last round.”

While playoffs were a goal shared by the team, players also thought about their personal goals and motivations as they played the game.

“My goal is just to win as many games as possible. I tell myself that I have to treat every game like it’s my last. It gets me motivated to play my heart out,” said sophomore outfielder Natalie Morales. “You think you have a lot of playing time, but it goes by really quickly. Soon, I won’t be able to play anymore, so I try to get as much playing time as I can and play to the best of my ability.”

“It’s different transitioning from JV to Varsity,” said senior right outfielder Allison Constable. “The players are more aggressive. Varsity goes to playoffs, so the players are more determined to win. My goal is to better myself each day to help the team. If we work together as a team, we become one.”

As well-established concepts in the realm of sports, teamwork and cooperation went beyond the field.

“I’ve made many choices in my years coaching that weren’t correct, but I can tell you every one of them and how I remember it, what I learned, and how I changed it. These girls not only make me a better coach, but a better mother as well,” said Weige. “I have to remember that I am representing these girls at school, games, and even outside of softball. People are always watching you as a public figure; you have to make sure that you make good choices in every aspect of your life. These girls aren’t the only ones learning; I learn from them every day. “