75th Anniversary showcases changes over decades


What was once a rural farm community filled with German immigrants in the 1930’s now resembles an urban city packed with more concrete than green pastures.

Yet 75 years ago, the district opened doors and the campus evolved into the only high school campus for almost five full decades.

“Klein has become an urban high school,” said Pre-Calculus teacher Josie Mallery. “Changing first to a suburban rural, then completely suburban, and now a city population.”

Throughout the years, the school on Stuebner Airline has changed due to community growth.

“I loved the unique nature of old Klein High,” said US History teacher Garret VandenBelt. “Each building had its own charm and feeling. The campus was like a small cottage. Now we are in a large institution. I expect to see hospital patients or old folks wandering our halls.”

“The old KHS, while it had its limitations and its foibles, had memories and personality that have yet to be developed in the new building,” said Career and Technology teacher Mary Viehoefer. “Time will tell, I suppose.”

1965 campus graduate Jan Atwood remembered the first high school facility located on Spring Cypress.

“It’s more like a college campus. When we graduated it was one building,” said Atwood. “I went to the original Klein High school that was built on Spring Cypress road. During my junior year they built the new one.”

Despite the January move into the Phase One rebuild, faculty preferred the previous facility.

“The new building is nice,” said track coach Scott Yates, “but I have always been in the t-building and I loved being there.”

However, faculty had conflicting views after the mid-year move .

“I love it!” said Mallery. “I have a window! First window since 1971!”

From a rural school to urban sprawl, Viehoefer stressed the fact that kids are the same.

“Kids are kids – from one generation to the next. In some ways they have changed, but in most ways they have not,” said Viehoefer. “They will excel and surpass your expectations if you demand excellence from them: It’s always been that way. “

“I love working for Klein,” said Yates. “Both my kids graduated from Klein and are proud of that fact.”

Students like Ryan Hennessey, class of 2001, never left campus for good.

“I very much enjoy working for Klein,” said debate coach Ryan Hennessey. “It is especially nice to work with teachers who I once had as a student like Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Glocksien, Ms. Sandoval, Mr. Rice, and Mr. VandenBelt.”