Fast-track juniors

Class of 2013 juniors working hard, graduating early


Schoolwork can get overwhelming, especially when trying to finish all 26 credits within the traditional four years of high school. Some juniors sought a hurried route, attempting to receive their high school diploma before their peers. These students are planning on finishing all their required credits either by the end of junior year or after one semester of senior year. All of their hard, restless effort has allowed them to start college early.

Junior Rebecca Turpin plans to graduate by this June, skipping out on her senior year.

“I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the senior year experience,” said Turpin. “I pretty much just skipped 11th grade. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard finishing all my credits in three years. I just took some classes over the summer and everything worked out pretty fine.”

Turpin plans on attending Idaho State University next year and is interested in pursuing a career in music education.

Other “fast-track” juniors are planning to come back for senior year, but only for the first semester. They were able to balance their hurried three years of high school while participating in other school activities as well.

“I really enjoyed my high school career and I’m ready to move on to college,” said junior Brianna Ivey. “I took some classes online to finish all my credits. Also, I have a job and participate in extracurricular activities. After all, life isn’t all about going to school.”

Ivey plans to attend Brigham Young University and to pursue a career in the medical field.