NAHS works to unite students with artistic passion


Art can take shape almost anywhere with almost anything. On abandoned houses with graffiti, at art galleries framed for the world to see, and even on sidewalks with chalk.

Throught out the year art has taken shape with the National Art Honor Society(NAHS).

“My favorite thing is making friends who are like-minded and have the same interest in art as I do,” said senior Jessica Dennison. “This is my first year being in NAHS and I’ve learned how to network with people and new ways to collaborate.”

With 54 active members, the NAHS participates in projects, fundraising competitions, provides students with the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the arts and gives them new possibility.

“Once you’ve taken art for one semester, even if you drop out, you can still be in NAHS,” said senior Victoria Othold. “We really strive for our members to just have fun and enjoy the activities and not feel pressured. This year I just really wanted to make sure that people were coming to the meetings and that people have been participating in the events and the projects.”

At the end of the day the students are really there just to enjoy being with other kids that share a passion for art.

“Being in NAHS has taught me more than just how to draw, paint and sculpt things,” said sophomore Huda Qureshi. “It has taught me how to interact andexpress myself to others through art.”