The Senior Experience

Seniors share their last year of high school.

AnaBelle Elliott, Staff Writer


Senior year is the last year of high school, so it’s important for seniors to make the most of it.  With senior year comes expectations, additional stress, sometimes less work, a shift of focus, and a bitter-sweet pressure to fulfill the “high school experience” in one final year. All seniors face the common questions such as: Will I graduate? What am I going to do after I graduate? How can I make the most of my last year of high school?

We asked seniors what they would like to do before graduating.

“I would like to go to at least one school dance,” Josh Mansel said.  A common answer to this question from multiple seniors was that they hope to attend many more events and to have more school spirit.

“Its harder to get work done, but this year we have more school spirit,” seniors, Colton Johnson and Omar Battles said.  We also asked seniors what they think the main difference is from senior year to previous years.

“There’s not as much school work, but my time is taken up with college applications instead,” Bella Champenois said.

“My junior year was focused on junior year. Senior year is more laid back and I don’t have to do as much,” said Destiny Broome.

“Its different because Im closer to my future so my decisions are more important,” said Braxton Gunn.  “I’m more ready to leave,” Emerie Hoenshel said.

“I’m less stressed about school because in a few months I’ll be out of here,” Samuel Mahan said.

“Previous years I didn’t take school as seriously but this year looking at college has changed my perspective,”  Ryan Reeves said.

“Its more relaxed because second semester doesn’t count toward my GPA,” Tyler Howell said. Senior year is a senior experience, in itself, per say.