Tips and Tricks From Cosmetology Class for Picture Day


Poster for Picture Day


A day anticipated by many and dreaded by many, the day where a single flash of a camera captures the image that peers will remember forever.  School picture day is September 10. While this is a terrifying day to many, the cosmetology class offers some tips and tricks in order to ace picture day.


“You have to put primer first because it gives you an even base. Make sure everything is blended good;[use] translucent [powder] to prevent flashback,” senior Alma Araujo said.


Araujo said that “more is less” applies to picture day.


“Usually you should apply more [makeup] so the picture will come out good. For school pictures [bold makeup looks] don’t really show unless you do natural,” she said.


Araujo cautions people to adjust makeup due to the camera flash.


“You can’t really do a lot of highlight because of flashback. It won’t really turn out good,” Araujo said.


Senior Paloma Sandoval also cautions people to consider bright picture lighting when applying makeup.


“Don’t overdo it because the light is going to be hitting and it will make all your imperfections pop out,” Sandoval said.


Araujo recommends her go-to hair look.


“Basic straight hair, down is a good go-to look,” she said.

Sandoval said to take into consideration face shape.


“For hair, you want something that will enhance your makeup.  For example, your facial features. If you have a round face, really push away your hair a little bit so you don’t look like you have a helmet on,” Sandoval said.


Sandoval shares her top few tips for looking good on picture day.


“Maybe wear a little more [makeup], but not eyeshadow- it’s too dramatic,” Sandoval said.  “Wear something maybe kind of neutral. Contour a little more, a little more blush, and a little more highlight. For hair, usually beach waves are the way to go unless your hair gets poofy and frizzy, then straighten it.”