“Curtains” Review: A Tough Act to Follow

Klein Drama’s spring musical “Curtains” leaves audiences in awe


Zoe Spangler

Senior Braden Hamilton and sophomore Adah Chamberlain prepare to take a bow during curtain call.


As the velvet curtains came to a close and the spotlights beamed on the smiling actors, cheers and applause filled the auditorium as the audience reflected on the twists and turns of Klein Drama’s latest whodunit musical. After being unable to perform an annual musical last year, Klein Drama returned to perform the musical comedy Curtains written by Rupert Holmes on Jan. 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, and 31. 

The show opened with the cast of the 1959 Boston production of Robbin’ Hood taking a bow at the end of opening night. After the show, the leading actress, Jessica Cranshaw, was found dead. The cast and crew were held in the theatre for Lieutenant Frank Cioffi to investigate Cranshaw’s murder. While investigating, Cioffi also gave the cast advice for improving their show with Georgia Hendricks replacing Cranshaw as the lead. He had recently seen the show and thought it was great, excluding the late Cranshaw’s performance. As the show came to a close, they caught the murderer and the cast had a successful performance. 

As leading actor, senior Braden Hamilton portrayed Lieutenant Frank Cioffi’s passion for theater well. Working alongside sophomore Adah Chamberlain, who played actress Niki Harris, they used their comedic timing to keep the audience laughing and captivated with their romantic chemistry. 

Senior Hannah Ticer, junior Ashton White, and freshman Lucas Dore portrayed a love triangle between new lead actress and songwriter Georgia Hendricks, songwriter Aaron Fox and lead actor and choreographer Bobby Pepper. Aaron and Georgia once pursued a serious relationship, and recently separated, but they each secretly wanted to get back together. However, neither of them knew of the other’s true feelings. Georgia went to the lengths of pretending to date Bobby and coordinated with Cioffi to find out if Aaron wanted to get back together with her. The three actors showed real chemistry through their complex love triangle. Their different specialties in dancing and singing also added to their performance. 

Showing off her talent in her first time in a Klein Drama production, junior Houston Millsap was able to incorporate her strong vocal ability into her role. She played the part of Robbin’ Hoods producer Carmen Bernstein in Curtains, who wowed the crowd with her power ballads. Additionally, Junior Macey Vasquez portrayed Bambi Bernet, Carmen Bernstein’s daughter. Vasquez used her training in a variety of dancing styles to enhance her role. 

Vasquez also contributed to the creation of the choreography of the musical. The choreography of the musical, led by senior Trinity Garcia enhanced the songs in the show by captivating the audience with complex dance moves. 

The chorus and background actors added even more depth and excitement to the show as they created small storylines of their own and reacted to every shocking plot twist.

Although the set design was mostly simplistic, it captured what it was supposed to. It also allowed for the audience to focus on the actors and the costume design in the musical. The costume design team, led by senior Reyana Tran, worked to combine two contrasting time periods. Each character’s wardrobe captured the contrast from the western style in the scenes portraying Robbin’ Hood to the 1950s street wear attire that is worn offstage. Thus, the unique costume design added clarity to a musical that switched between scenes portraying actors on and offstage.

 The hard work of faculty members and students in this production is definitely visible in the outcome. Director Tina Domino, Music Director Adrea Luyties, Technical Director Jason Bradshaw, and Orchestra Conductor Kelsey Blancet’s combined talent put together a great show with top-notch music, lighting, acting, vocals, and everything in between.