Klein Drama Performs “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”


Zoe Spangler

Sophomore Alyssa Jones and junior David Johnson perform in their fall play, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.


Klein Drama performed their fall play on Sept. 16. For four nights, they performed The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. The audience spent the entire show on the edge of their seats.  The actors and actresses made everyone laugh their heads off. But most importantly, the actors had a fantastic time producing and performing their fall production.

“I think one of my favorite scenes was towards the end when they are starting to catch the different murders and such, because there’s a lot going on between them trying to figure out who it is and catching them,” senior and costume designer Reyana Tran said.

But, not everything goes well backstage. During rehearsals leading up to opening night the cast and crew faced common mishaps. Several people admitted that many set pieces broke and even had wigs fall off actors.

“A few times, the person who plays Eddy kept going way too fast into the wall and broke the door frame every single time. Luckily, all of the performances were fine. Nothing broke,” said senior Braden Hamilton, who played Roger Hopewell.

Klein Drama’s hard work paid off. Opening night was a smashing success.  They played without a hitch. Each cue and line was said on time.

“I’ve loved theater for a very long time, since I was in fifth grade. I know the people and the directors very well and it’s all just a friendly environment. I would love to get myself involved in all the shows that I could possibly do this year,” Hamilton said.

The cast and crew grew closer amidst their time spent on their fall production.

“I love Klein Drama,” said junior Ashton White, who played Michael Kelly. “It’s a lot of fun getting the opportunity to put on these kinds of performances.”