Back In The Spotlight

Klein Drama holds auditions for the spring musical “Curtains”


Zoe Spangler

The Klein Drama department’s fall production, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 jumpstarts the theatre season.


After the Klein Drama department spent a year out of the spotlight and cancelled their spring musical, the department was finally able to select a musical for this year and hold auditions. Rupert Holmes’ “Curtains” is a musical mystery comedy that centers around the cast of a 1959  production of Robin Hood. A murder occured just after the curtain closed on the opening night. 

“I like Curtains,” senior Madison Voyles said. “It’s really similar to our fall show. I think it’s a funny continuation in my head. I think the show is really good.” 

Auditions for “Curtains” were held on Oct. 15, 16, and 18. Over the three days they did the singing, dancing, and acting auditions, then several callbacks afterward. 

“This was my first audition for a show at Klein, but I have done community theatre productions,” sophomore Adah Chamberlain said. “I think my audition went pretty well. The singing and dancing was kind of dicey, but I think I did really well on the acting parts.” 

Chamberlain and the other potential cast and crew members waited until later the night of the last auditions to find out what part they received. 

“I was very pleasantly surprised with my part,” Chamberlain said. “Niki has a lot of fun songs and a really cool storyline. I am really looking forward to working with everyone and seeing how it plays out.”

To prepare for the singing and dancing auditions, students had to choose between two different songs and learn how to do a dance in the show. 

“For the singing audition, there were two pieces to choose from,” junior Ashton White said. “One was a song Cioffi sang, and the other was a song Aaron Fox sang. The Cioffi song was easier because it wasn’t as vocally challenging and the song with Aaron was a little longer and featured more vocalization. I had to choose between doing Cioffi’s song since I wanted to be him in the show or Aaron’s song because it showed off what I could do vocally.”

While the auditions for the cast occurred, there were also interviews for the show’s crew happening. 

“I had to fill out a Google Form about leadership and why I wanted it and what I want to do in the position,” Voyles said. “Then I had an informal interview.”

Voyles, who was the stage manager for the fall play, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, was once again chosen to be the stage manager for Curtains. 

“I am looking forward to figuring out the differences between stage managing a small show and stage managing a bigger production,” Voyles said. “This will be a test of my leadership skills, but I am looking forward to the challenge that this is going to bring.”