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Augusto Moreno-Morales

Marvel Club Host Holiday Meeting


With close to a hundred clubs to choose from, deciding which to join can seem like a daunting task. Whether being new to the school or never really knowing about all the different options, there’s a club for every student. 

Within the walls of Klein High, students like Justyce Hatchett have found amazing experiences through the clubs the school provides which help to progress and discover passions in the students that take part. 

“I enjoy being in so many different clubs. It can be very fun sometimes and challenging sometimes but overall it’s fun to hangout with people I like and do things I enjoy doing,” Hatchett said.  

 Klein high also has  some unique clubs like Marvel Club. Marvel Club offers the experience to have a good time and be around a group of people with similar interests. 

“Marvel Club is a fun, judgment free zone where students can come and discuss their favorite movies.“ Social officer Olivia Ariza said. 

With enthusiastic Marvel fans, watching movies and sharing their theories, the club is always having activities to develop and express their love for Marvel.

“We do Marvel jeopardy, holiday celebrations, lessons on Marvel, fan courts and movie discussions.“ Justyce Hatchett, president of Marvel Club, said. 

While Marvel club considers students’ passion for movies, other clubs such as Key Club, focus on spending their time serving the people. 

“I chose to be a part of the Key club because I love the atmosphere of everyone working together to help our community.“ Lily Huynh, president of Key Club said. “I also find volunteering to be a good way for me to both involve myself in service and have fun with friends.“ 

While most of the volunteer work that Key Club does focuses on the people’s locality , other work they participate in benefits places outside our part of the neighborhood. 

“Key Club is different from other volunteer clubs, because our impact goes beyond just the community.“ Huynh said.  “We’ve worked to donate books and clothes all across the country. We also cater our events and volunteer projects to fit our members, so everyone has a chance to gain service hours.”

Key Club and Chess Club help you grow and learn during these valuable years of high school. While Key Club concentrates on growing morality, Chess club can help develop intellectually by playing a game and competing against others. 

“In Chess Club you can learn and grow your skills,“ member Kelsey Glass said. “The competition really drives you to use your brain and try to win.“ 

Some people are looking to always be the best, but others like Jonathan Hoang, president of Chess Club, see it as their way to have fun. 

“It’s not about winning or losing,“ Hoang said. “It’s about having fun while also learning something new.“