How to Stay in Fashion and in Dress Code


Haadiya Mhomed

Senior Johnny Green in dress code


This school year, administration is heavily enforcing dress code. Many students are unfavorable of it, but district policy and staff cracking down on the subject.

“We’re basically enforcing everything that’s in the handbook, head coverings, short-sleeved t-shirts, shirts that are too short, and pants with rips that are too big,” associate principal Johnnie Hayes said.

A way that a lot of students have been accessorizing their outfits is with fanny packs, a fad that recently came into style.

“Fanny packs are a great way to accessorize any outfit,” senior Diego Mathenia said. “I know it might sound weird, but they’re pretty cool to me and cool to the standleaders in general.”

Earrings are also an accessory that are worn by students on a daily basis to complete stylish looks.

“My favorite accessory is definitely earrings,” senior Jordan Thibodaux said. “There is always a pair of earrings to go with every outfit.”

Students appear to have diverse styles and many different fashion icons on different sides of the style spectrum.

“My fashion inspiration is Drake, because everything he wears is casual, but the clothes are still really nice,” senior Johnny Green said.

Although many fashion-oriented individuals pick out their clothes way in advance, many just wing it and come up with creative combinations.

“I used to be a planner and I would pick out all of my outfits for the week, but sometimes my best creations are when I just wing it,” principal Jessica Haddox said.

Rips in jeans have grown to be more popular over the years, and many students are not happy about covering them up to be in dresscode.

“If I could change something about dress code, it would be the ripped jeans,” Green said

It is very important that they comply to avoid any confrontations with staff members.

“You can look cute and be in dress code,” Haddox said. “Dress code doesn’t define style, style is your own individualistic spin on your outfit and you can do that within dress code.”

Haadiya Mhomed
Senior Johnny Green in dress code