A Day in the Life of a Runner


The night before a race The Cross-Country team has what they call a “Pasta Party”, where they load up on carbs to fuel them for the race the next day.

The team prepares in every possible way, so they can get ready for the next 15 minutes of their race

“Normally I eat a bunch of pasta, and just a lot of carbs in general” senior Bryce Miller said.

All runners seem to eat pasta the night before a race, but the morning of a race is always different from runner to runner.

“The morning of my race I try and visualize my race and focus on how I want to perform,” sophomore Gustavo Posada said.

Others on the team might want to get a light meal in their stomachs to give more energy in the race.

“My routine the morning of the race is waking up and eating a PB&J sandwich, drinking water, and I eat a banana right before my race,” senior Tara Pickett said.

Although eating right is very important before a race, a lot of runners have tried to stay calm before they run.

“Me and my team take deep breaths when we are on the line, then we pray, and tell each other we are going to do great, and it seems to work,” junior Emily Saur said.

The team has been doing their best to work hard and show how much they love the sport.

“I build my team off of hard work and dedication, I will always be here for my team and I want them to be the best they can be” Coach Tim McGuire said.