Track Students Determined to Make it to the Finals


The members of the track team worked countless days and hours before and after school to prepare for the districts, state finals, and the other upcoming meets.

“We practice before and after school every day,” junior Emily Cole said. “We have eight to nine-mile days pretty often.”

Teamwork is a skill the group manages to practice maintaining a good bond with each other and succeed at their meets.

“We teach them team mentality more than a lot of other schools,” Tim McGuire said. “At each meet our kids focus on who is scoring points where, and where we stand next to the other teams—instead of it being super individualized.”

This year the students set a goal to win districts and advance to state as they did last year.

“A common goal for everyone on the team is to win the district championship and to get passed regionals, so we can make it to area and state,” junior Ayanna Johnson said.

Although many haven’t qualified yet, they have high hopes for advancing to their own individual final.

“Each event has its own set of finals, so distance runners and field events are already in the finals,” McGuire said. “We should have some athletes running at the state meet this year.”

Overall, as individuals, most of the students have been improving their times and breaking personal records they set last year.

“Since last year I’ve shaved two seconds off my 100 and managed to maintain my times in my other events,” sophomore Christopher Satterfield said.

Most of the students have been participating in track since middle school, which has prepared them for the long hours of training and meets.

“I have been in track since the seventh grade so this year will be my fourth year competing with on a track team,” Johnson said.

Each student puts in an equal amount of time that is impressive to their coaches, which is why they receive fair treatment.

“Each student has their own aspects and things that they have overcome to be able to compete at the level they are, so I don’t think I could pick a favorite,” McGuire said.