A Homecoming to Remember


For the first time, the homecoming dance will be on a Friday and there will be a four-day weekend following the homecoming game on Oct. 4. Many students and staff members are looking forward to all of the fun that comes with Bearkat homecoming traditions.

“I think this year’s homecoming is more special, because it’s on a four-day weekend so there is going to be a lot more opportunities to do things,” senior Alexis Hedding said.

One thing many people look forward to are the dress up days. Many teachers in particular are excited for decade day.

“My favorite dress up days are usually when we do the decades, I’m going to rock some Championship 1994 Rocket’s gear for that day, this year,” Student council sponsor Misty Kroon said.

On the other hand, students tend to go all out for character day.

“I love character day because a lot of people participate and it’s fun to see everybody in the halls,” Hedding said.

Football fans agreed that the games are fun to attend regardless, but there is something that just sets the homecoming game apart.

“Not a lot of people always go to the football games, but it seems that the homecoming game brings back old-school Klein High traditions where everybody comes together for Bearkat spirit so that’s exciting,” Kroon said.

The jamboree is an event that takes place during lunches on Thursday and gives students the option to purchase tickets they can use at different stations outside in front of the building, instead of sitting in the cafeteria.

“My favorite thing about the jamboree is probably getting out of lunch and seeing everybody participating,” Hedding said. “I really like what Best Buddies does. It’s a lot of fun.”

Entertainment is not the only thing that makes the jamboree special. A lot of the money raised from the event is donated to charity.

“I love how all of the groups and organizations come together, and we are able to donate a portion of the sales to different charities,” Kroon said. “We don’t have the charity picked out yet, but we are in the process of deciding.”