Klein Coffee Offers Student-Friendly Studying Environment


It’s 2:45 p.m. The last bell of the day just rung.  Swarms of students hunt for good studying environments. Some walk to Starbucks, some walk to Whataburger, and some walk to Klein Coffee, (located behind Kleb Intermediate).

“What motivated me to create Klein Coffee was mainly when I was a high school student myself, I didn’t have anywhere to study or relax without that commercial store feel,” Newton Antony, creator of Klein Coffee, said.

Antony set out to give the community a place that he wished he had in high school.

“I wanted somewhere where teachers, students, and people from the community could come and relax around coffee,” Antony said.  “No food; just a place to be where it would feel like someone’s apartment.”

Antony’s wide-ranged target audience provides a welcome to people from all over the community.

“[Our] target [audience] would be anyone from the community from teachers to students to high school kids to college kids; a sort of home away from home, a non commercial feel,” Antony said.

The stark distinction between Klein Coffee and other popular chains was a purposeful and successful intention from the start.

“What makes us different than major commercial chain stores like Starbucks and Panera Bread etc is they’re all designed for money and have a commercial look and feel,” Antony said.  “We felt like to have the best products in making our drinks, [we can] order from anyone; not just one distributor like the others, but we always strive to have the best prices because of the students next door and we want people to come in daily and relax and enjoy the store.”

Klein Coffee offers discounts for Klein High School students, making it an even more convenient and welcoming place for hard-working school kids.

“We do offer student discounts of 20 percent with student ID,” Antony said.

“People love to study at Klein Coffee,” Antony said.  “We only have 20-30 people a day come through our doors so that makes it an incredibly low noise, non-hectic environment to study and learn. The place really feels like your own study room!”

There is a wide-variety of options on the menu, Antony said.

“We have every type of espresso drink possible from caramel macchiatos to straight espresso to cappuccino to latte.  Our fraps are the best seller, and once you’ve tried ours with the lavazza espresso we use, you won’t go anywhere else,” Antony said.  “We also serve smoothies and teas.”

The entirety of the feel of Klein Coffee was planned out to the last detail to create an ideal studying environment, Antony said.

“The atmosphere is what really makes us different from others,” Antony said.  “The huge glass windows, the amazing view of the outside; we have art tables where you can do art, an old-school Nintendo 64 with bean bag chairs. The low noise atmosphere to the high school students working there all add to the carefully placed environment.”