Ohmigod, You Guys! Go See Legally Blonde!


Haadiya Mhomed

The actors dance as they perform a scene during Legally Blonde: The Musical.


Legally Blonde the Musical, showed in the Klein High School P.A.C. It was hosted by the Klein drama department, the play showed Jan 24-26,2019 at 7 p.m., and also Jan 31 – Feb 2 at 7 p.m. On Jan 24 the musical premiered. It was a good showing with a nice size crowd. Although it was opening night, everything the musical had to offer was smooth and perfected. The musical was packed with tons of catchy songs and impressive dance moves that set the stage on fire.

The set was built to give off a college campus atmosphere. Which looked very realistic, it was complex, with many different sets coming in and out. It was built in a way to emphasize the setting. The set colors changed constantly to match the mood and setting. It also had nice stairs that stood out, the other props like the Harvard flags and class room doors were realistic as well, it made the scene come to life even more.

The lights played another important part of the play as well. They came from the top and the front of the stage. The lighting was realistic, the type of lighting changed with the mood and scene of the play. It displayed many different colors of lights throughout, the play spot lights in an act when the character was singing and bright lights in more upbeat scenes. They also had special effects used like confetti when Elle got accepted into Harvard.

Along with the lighting special effects, they had several sounds as well, by the pit. Ranging anywhere from violins to a beat of a snare drum. The sounds from the play were played live. The sounds were realistic, but a bit dramatic to get the point across. At certain points in the play the sounds were played to correspond with the actions taking place. The sound effects would come in as high-pitch sounds or loud sounds when the mood called for it.

The costumes the actors wore varied with the scene, the costumes did a good job of distinguishing who was who in the scenes. The main character [Elle Woods] wears more of the flashier clothes to match her personality. The costumes were really good, they looked well put together and corresponded with the character. Most actors had to wear make up to enhance their look to blend with the light, so you could tell a little bit. For example, the professor had to wear hair spray to make his hair grey. Some of the make-up was stylized because of the way the actor had to be portrayed.

Overall the show was a good show and was well organized. It was epic showing. I would recommend everyone to go see. The play was full of exciting songs and dance moves. It was a little PG-13, but it was nothing the kids haven’t heard. The musical featured many obstacles the main character had to overcome throughout the plot and it made it that more interesting. It is interactive and makes you get attached to the character. It was a great showing of Legally Blonde. This Thursday-Saturday are the chances to see the shows, so go out and see it you won’t be disappointed.