Someone is Watching ‘You’


‘You’ began steaming on Netflix in January.


You is a Netflix original that really caught some people by surprise. Most Netflix originals aren’t very good because they don’t put a lot of time and effort into the shows. However, this one is completely different, it’s filled with plot twist and moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happened. It is a well-made show and worth a watch.

The Beginning

At the start we are brought into the show by a narrator explaining our setting. That narrator is a voice in Joe, our main character’s head, and give us and insight into how he processes everything happening around him. Not long after we meet Guinevere Beck as she buys a book from Joe and begins small talk. Joe notices this and wants to know more about her, so after she leaves, he begins searching her online. He finds all her social media and even her address from a location tagged in a picture, so he gives this location a visit after he closes the book store


Joe is going to Beck’s house and watches her from afar practically every day, and he begins going to the college she attends just to see what is happening in her everyday life and to see if there’s anything bad he needs to take care of. That’s when he discovers Benji, who just uses Beck for his own pleasure. Joe doesn’t like Benji for this and decides to handle him.

Everything is good

After handling Benji, Joe starts dating Beck and thinks everything is going great until he meets Peach, Beck’s best friend, she doesn’t like Joe at all and he doesn’t like her. This starts a battle of wits, Joe stealing Peaches’ laptop and putting it back before she notices, constantly trying to stay one step ahead of Peach to stay in the clear. And after a long battle Peach falls into a depression and disappears.

Things go bad

For a brief portion in the show, Joe and Beck are broken up and Joe gets a new girlfriend named Karen and thinks she has everything he needs to be happy, until he begins to miss Beck and realizes that Beck is what Joe wants and what he needs, so he dumps Karen and goes back for Beck, that’s when Joe is truly happy

Wrap up

To wrap up “You”, is a good show and worth a watch just from the amount of drama and intensity there is in the show. The twist and turns and constant plot twist leave you wanting more. And the more you want it the more it gives you. Which is probably one of the greatest things a show can give you.