Black History Month Fashion Celebrated by Students and Staff


Seniors Myah McNair and Maya Monroe dressed in African patterened shirts.


Reflecting on February, which is reserved for a celebration of African American culture, fashion, and history, this was evident as each Friday everyone was welcome to wear their African Attire.  African Fashion can be seen in vibrant color and entrancing patterns in the halls of Klein.

“Fashion is everything to me and I believe that someone is able to showcase their different attires and different styles of fashion with different fabrics to express how you feel,” Teacher Patricia Ubah said. “I love fashion. We have a lot of varieties of fashion.”

Students and the youth of America today can celebrate their culture daily at school.

“To me it means celebrating the culture and where we came from and the strides it took to get us to where we are today,” Senior Myah McNair said.

Without having to say anything, people can represent their history with what they wear.

“If I’m walking down the hallway, I’m making a statement- an individuality statement,” Senior Maya Monroe said. “I don’t have to say anything, but I’m repping my culture.”

Modern day African fashion consists of bright, traditional patterns and colors with contemporary styles and shapes of clothing.  Beads made from clay and traditional wedding jewelry may be worn on a special occasion. Henna is also a traditional addition to a look that began in West Africa ages ago and is still popular today.

In modern-day America many different cultures and past trends, music, art, and expressions determine of the future.

“It’s a reflection on culture and being culturally aware,” Assistant Principal Johnnie Hayes said.