On My Block Returns With More Drama


‘You’ began steaming on Netflix in January.



On March 29 season two of Netflix’s most anticipated show, On My Block was released and the buzz began. With the hype and the popularity of the show swirling on social media outlets, it was impossible to not see what the buzz was about.

Last season left off with a heart wrenching cliff hanger that had fans wanting to know what was next and this season answered that. Starting off with the death of Olivia and the resurrection of Ruby at the start of the show gave a clear answer that this season wasn’t going to be anything like the first.

This season gave characters a rough time that is clear at the very start. We see all four characters struggle with the loss of losing a friend. We see Ruby struggles with PTSD from the events that occurred from the Olivia’s party. Cesar and Spooky’s family ties hanging on a loose thread. Monse trying to find a place for Cesar to stay, and Jamal frustrated trying to tell the crew about the money. It also gave minor characters a chance to shine through like Jasmin the one that was kind of annoying helping and being there for the crew.

The character development throughout this season was very prominent. As seen in season one, it was seen focusing on the four friends and the beginning of all of the problems that were yet to come. At the start of season one we saw Cesar barely taking on the role of joining his brothers’ gang and Monse coming back from summer camp. Meanwhile Ruby dealing with a new roommate moving in Olivia who he later falls head over hills for. Lastly Jamal figuring out that he doesn’t want to be apart of football like his dad wants him to.

Compared to season one it was a bit slower although it speeds up towards the end. Both seasons ended off the same way with a cliff hanger which was kind of disappointing due to another year long wait to figure out what happens. Overall the show was worth the wait, if you’re a fan of the show and don’t mind it being a bit slow and can anticipate another cliffhanger then this show is the one to watch.