Andrew Hebert shares his journey with ‘Making Connections’


This Saturday, April 27, senior Andrew Hebert will present a live speech discussing his experience with ‘Making Connections’ at Klein Talks, a district wide opportunity for everyone to share their passions and ideas.  

‘Making Connections’ is a program dedicated to helping families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and improving the lives of individuals affected by autism. Hebert is a student in the program and planned to share how it has been helpful in his life.

“It helps general ed students accept me whenever I’m at my worst and understand that students like me and other people out there that have the same disability may have a sad backstory that other people may not even realize,” Hebert said.

His ‘Making Connections’ teacher, Catherine Burcham assigned her students including Hebert to write a script and record a video sharing topics related to their journey with autism. Later, he was chosen to present his script at Klein Talks.

“I’m feeling pretty excited and glad that I’m going to speak in front of a lot of people like an activist or preacher,” Hebert said.

He also advocates people to “stop and think first” when calling somebody a name that is related to a disability.  

“In my opinion those types of situations are very offensive and need to stop,” Hebert said.

Hebert hoped to bring awareness of autism and the struggles people with autism face.

“The district provides help for all of us who are affected by autism and ‘Making Connections’ gives us the chance to develop social skills in our lives,” Hebert said.