KHS Unveils New Lunch Options


Photo by Reagan Treybig

A student grabs the new spicy chicken bites. Ready to try them out.


The new school year at Klein High School brought changes to the food they normally served in the cafeteria.

Foods such as chicken and waffles, traditional wings, spicy buffalo bites, and garlic wings were added, and students are enjoying the changes. Which is a big change from the routine chicken nuggets, nachos, and salads’.

“The school lunches are definitely a big change from last year,” senior Trevor Wolcott said. “Personally, I think the chicken and waffles are the best, and the wings are good too, they just need some more sauce.”

A few students want to add a special food to the lines to keep things interesting and not so routine.

“I like all the food in the lunch lines, but I would really love if they added chicken alfredo to the lines,” junior Trevor Steele said. “Mainly because it’s my favorite food and I haven’t ever seen it in the lines, so I think it would be a good addition.”

Cafeteria workers have been hoping for some changes in the food for a while. And now that there is new foods, students and workers are happy.

“We have been asking for more things in the lines, and the kids have been asking for more foods, so the district added the foods to make the kids happy and enjoy lunch a little more,” Food Service Manager Erica Dorsey said.

Cafeteria staff members also wanted to add their own favorite foods into the lunch lines, and some have gotten lucky enough to get what they wanted.

“Well I wanted to get the traditional wings in the lines, and we were able to get the traditional wings back in the lines so I’m pretty happy,” Dorsey said.