The STEAM Express Offers Hands-on Learning for Students


Students received the opportunity last month to explore and experience the Klein ISD STEAM Express. The Klein ISD STEAM Express, which was donated to the district office in 2014, uses interactive learning to progress educational methods in order to best meet the modern generation where it is at. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The STEAM Express covers multiple career paths concerning these subjects.

“So back in 2012, the whole idea was they wanted to expand STEAM ideas. Since we couldn’t build a room in every campus, the idea for the 75th anniversary was to have a system that will travel to all the schools to enhance the STEAM careers,” coordinator Bill Nebeker said. 

Nebeker said that the people behind the STEAM Express enjoy the entire operation because it is about the students.

“I just want to give you guys a spark, just want to spark the interest,” he said.  “You know what you want to do, but there’s always a new avenue, always opportunities around the corner that you may not have seen before.We enjoy this, because it’s about you guys.”

Next month will mark five years of the STEAM Express being active in the Klein district, meaning many visits have occurred.

A select number of classes went to the STEAM Express during their science classes, allowing teachers get to experience it as well.

“[My favorite part of the STEAM Express was] the variety of hands on activities. [I hope my students can get] an interest in a future career. It introduces kids to different disciplines of science,” Earth and space science teacher Anthony Philip said.

The STEAM Express goes to every school in the district.

“We go to all five high schools, all 10 middle schools, and all 31 elementary schools,” Nebeker said. “We go to the other campuses; Vistas High school, and Grace England Pre-K center.”

As well as collecting funds, many of the materials throughout the trailer, such as the technological systems, were donated through the community.

 “The district worked with Klein Education Foundation back in 2012 to start collecting funds,” Nebeker said. “They collected about $470,000, built the trailer itself, and then donated it to the district.” 

Nebeker came into this position as coordinator in April of 2014, worked on it in the summer, and has been on it since day one. 

“I’ve had different assistants, but I’ve been the main staple of the trailer,” he said.

The purpose of the STEAM Express is about reaching students the way that will best be received by them in order to have a community of well-educated young adults.

“If I were to have this at your age my world would be different,” Nebeker said. “You guys learn by interaction- a book and stuff like that- we have to learn a certain way. Your generation- you want it now- you want it immediate- and if we can provide that to make you guys grow and learn and become what you are supposed to in the future, better off for me.”