Thor exhibits godly strength at box office


Recently the sequel to Marvel Comics hit movie Thor was released to theaters nationwide. Thor: The Dark World was a wonderfully made movie with plot twists left and right.

The movie incorporates a race, the Dark Elves, that were absent in the first movie. This new race brings Asgard and Earth together to try and demolish the pressing evil that the Dark Elves creates. In this movie Loki, who is Thor’s adopted brother from anther realm, played a more helpful role despite the first movie where he was the instigation of the problems with Earth and Asgard.  With Loki in the picture the audience was kept at the edge of their seat and was constantly surprised by the actions of Loki’s characters.

Some critics believe that the character of Thor showed less of his godly powers in the second movie, but he was just as strong and powerful as he was in the first movie. Thor was able to save Earth once again with only a few others to help him, which is just one moment where he showed his godly might. However, the reason some may feel this way was because of the King’s, Thor’s father, presence and his control over Thor. This may be seen as weakness of Thor’s part but that dissipates when he decides to break Loki out of prison and to try and destroy the leader of the Dark Elves by going to their home planet instead of waiting for them to attack, which is what the King wanted him to do. Pessimistic critics feel that the Thor movies are very cliché and think that they are old news believing that the movies will soon die out. However, Thor: The Dark World ending on a cliff hanger leaving the audience wanting more and anxious for the next Thor movie for answers to the questions unanswered in the most recent movie.