Paint The Community With Peace


This week, students and faculty will partake in Paint the Community with Peace, lasting from Feb. 9 to 13.

  • Monday: Pay it Forward:  Whether it’s paying for a meal to give to someone in need or volunteering at a location needing support, pay it forward.
  • Tuesday: Open a Door for Someone: Hold the door for someone, and one will be held open in return.
  • Wednesday: Resolve a Lingering Conflict:  Letting go of quarrels of the past paves a road for a peaceful present and future.
  • Thursday: Peace Out the Rivalries & Share a Smile: Quell the rivalries against Klein Collins, Klein Forest, and Klein Oak for a day, and share a smile to those who need a bit of happiness in their day.
  • Friday: Pennies to Paint Peace (penny drive): Donate pennies to benefit the Northwest Assistance Ministries.

Make sure to post pictures on social media with #paintthecommunitywithpeace! If you’d like for your photos to be featured on the Bearchat, leave a comment below!