Valentine’s Madness


Roses, chocolate, and teddy bears, oh my. Valentine’s Day just passed along its way, along with the sweet craziness that accompanied it. Known as a defining moment for a couple’s relationship, to some people, Valentine’s Day is determining how far, or what phase, the person is in their relationship.

“Although people might treat their loved ones great all year long, Valentine’s Day, along with birthdays and other holidays, is a significant day that shows their love for one another,” sophomore Todd Francis said.

If someone gets that “special someone” chocolates and a Valentine’s card, chances are either the relationship has just started, they’re too lazy to even try, or they are not quite serious. But when someone gets that “special someone” a bouquet of flowers, giant teddy bears, and jewelry, they are pretty serious about them. People have different feelings about how big a deal Valentine’s Day is.

“Honestly, Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year. Sure, it may be a big deal for some couples who have trouble expressing their emotions to one another, but to people who show their love every day like they’re supposed to, then it’s just another day of the year,” sophomore Tamia Hodge said.

While some may regard Valentine’s as a typical day, other hold different opinions.

“I, for one, absolutely adore Valentine’s Day, even when I don’t have anyone to spend it with,” college sophomore Mary Gray said. “It’s like you can literally feel the love in the air. I love passing everyone and seeing a smile on their faces, knowing a small act of love has made their entire day beautiful. Maybe I’m just a romantic, but I don’t care. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year.”

People, females specifically, tend to make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day. It seems like they believe this is the one day of the year that determines how much their “special someone” truly cares about them.

“Some girls are really insecure in their relationships,” sophomore Silvia Chen said. “Even some girls like to turn Valentine’s Day into a competition between them and their friends to see whose hubby or boyfriend got the better gift. That’s just utterly ridiculous, but that’s how some females work. The people who love and trust their special someone could care less about Valentine’s Day, but others feel like their entire relationship rests on the balance of Valentine’s Day.”

Guys, however, seem to take it less seriously.

“To be honest, if guys weren’t so set on pleasing their girlfriends, we would all care less,” sophomore Esteban Garcia said. “In fact, we’d probably even forget Valentine’s Day was a holiday of love. I mean, who cares? I wish Valentine’s Day didn’t exist because if we don’t get them anything, we’re in trouble. If we get them the wrong thing, we’re in trouble. Even when we get them something, but they don’t like it, they try to be nice and pretend that it’s okay, but we can tell from the look and obviously the cold shoulder that we’re in trouble. So I think I speak for all guys when I say we can do without Valentine’s Day.”

Some people don’t think getting big expensive things or giant teddy bears are a necessity for Valentine’s Day and prefer much simpler things.

“I am a very simple person, and I get uncomfortable when people go all out for me,” sophomore Destiny Russell said. “I think there are more simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What’s wrong with flowers, cuddling on the couch watching a sappy romantic film, and just spending the day with your beau?”

There are a lot of people who don’t have a “special someone” and don’t like the thought of Valentine’s Day. They either spend it alone or make the best of it and spend time with friends and family, who they consider their loved ones.

“Well, my friends and I like to call it ‘Anti-Bae Day,’ because obviously, none of us have that special person yet. We just claim the day as ours and get together eating bowls of ice cream and mixtures of candy while watching scary movies, or making fun of all the gushy couples in the romantic films,” Chen said. “We aren’t hating on people in relationships. I say hooray for them, but as for right now, my girls and I are perfectly fine just spending the day with each other.”

Having to see all of the couples holding and gushing and kissing on Valentine’s Day might obviously be hard on certain people. There’s a chance that a loved one has recently moved away or is no longer here. This might be the first time they’ve spend Valentine’s Day alone, and it could be especially hard for them.

“People who don’t have anyone to spend time with on Valentine’s Day obviously might feel insecure, left out, or just bitter. It’s not just students that worry about who they’re going to spend their day with on Valentine’s Day. These kids are out there, wondering how much money their boyfriends spend on them, when some people are just happy getting to talk to their loved ones over the phone,” parent LaChandra Wade said. “There are military families out there, wondering day after day when their loved one will come home; they aren’t wondering about if they are going to surprise them with chocolates and a giant teddy bear. Even others, their loved ones have probably passed away. Imagine how hard a day this might be for them. But in the end, this day helps you remember all of the wonderful moments you’ve had with your loved one, and it brings a smile to your face.”

This special day doesn’t just matter outside of school grounds, however. STUCO members are currently selling Love Links for $1 during any lunch period from Feb. 9 to 20.

The Floral Department had a Valentine’s Day sale from Jan. 27 through Feb. 10, selling multiple assortments of carnations or roses. They were available for purchase during all lunches or in room 848A and delivered in classes on Feb. 13.

The flowers took a lot of work and planning, and having to distribute every one of the boxes while trying to still keep them alive took a lot of work.

“We went through 600 red roses, 500 colored roses, and 400 carnations, which doesn’t even come close to the amount that might be used in an actual floral shop,” Floral Design teacher Vanessa Collier said.

Sorting through them wasn’t the only thing Collier had to worry about. Keeping the flowers alive was the real challenge.

“We used floral coolers, and we had to process them by taking off leaves and placing them in food buckets. Once that process is done, we have to be sure to keep them in a 48 degree cooler,” Collier said.

Even though some people might see Valentine’s Day differently, than others, this day makes everyone feel something. Whether spending time with that “special someone,” family, or friends, this day will always bring happiness.