Return of Creative Writing Club


Nadia Esquivel

Students attend first meeting


Creative Writing Club is making a comeback to Klein High with a new sponsor, president and new plans on how it will be run.

“I like writing and I was disappointed when I found out that it was disbanded this year, because there wasn’t a sponsor,” junior and president Madison McCleskey, said. “I was like, okay, well, if it’s not a thing anymore then I’m going to make it.”

Studies show that writing can be a stress reliever because it helps combating negative and invasive.
“It has been a way for me to get my emotions out and let everything out that I can’t actually say,” junior Courtney Lester said “Doesn’t matter what it is. Just write it. Start writing your stories. If they can’t physically say it, they can say it through their writing.”

With plans to help students’ writing skills grow and improve, the club will not only focus on the writing aspect but also peer review to get critical feedback and thoughts on the stories.

“I think that we need to look at each other’s writing and give each other pointers on how we can make it better,” McCleskey said. “And not only just how to make it better, but also in what ways our writing is already good, because we need both positive and critical feedback to grow.”

An environment in a club where writing and students’ interests are kept in mind is the main focus in Creative Writing Club.

“The club aims to create an environment for students interested in writing to share their work, exchange ideas, and find exposure to new strategies and genres that interest them.” Chase Hooper, sponsor of the Creative Writing Club, said. “With that, the intrinsic goal of improving one’s own writing ability grows. We also have plans for publishing opportunities on a student-created website to showcase the work of our members.”

With the first meeting having been Oct. 5, the members are prepared to have fun writing and enjoying the company of each other.

“It’s just when I do it I’m happy because I’m able to accomplish my creative intent,” former member sophomore William Philp said “and let others enjoy the work I’ve put in.”