Students to Put on First Annual Fashion Show



For years fashion students have wanted to host their own fashion show and this year Morgan Calhoun is making that dream a reality.

This year will be the first annual fashion show entitled EveryWear. The current fashion students are planning and organizing the show that will be held in the auditorium, and on top of that, they are creating their own original designs.

“They’ve been working on it all year,” Calhoun said. “The kids say some of them have been working on it for three years because they’re bringing in their designs from fashion one, two and then fashion three this year. It’s a very tedious process.”

Calhoun said the things that the students learned through their past years in the class are now coming into play as they design their own outfits. Through the fashion classes, they have been taught how to create their own patterns, perfect their individual techniques, and keep their eyes open as they learn about the  different world of fashion.

“I’ve learned that there’s a whole different aspect [to fashion] that I never knew was there,” fashion three student and senior Madison Ribeiro said, “Like I thought a collar was a collar and then I learned there’s like 700 different collars. Well, that’s an exaggeration.”

With the knowledge they have acquired over the past years of being in the program, the students are now able to transform their sketches into clothing they, and others, can wear.

“We start off with basic measurements of someone’s body,” Calhoun said, “Then we try to make sure their garments are going to fit after the construction. It’s not easy for everyone for sure.”

The challenge of designing and making the outfits is exhilarating to some and to others is just one of the many obstacles to making fashion. The effort they put out, however, is worth it.

“I’ve been sewing since I was like five,” Katlin Truss said, “I’ve always really liked to do that so when I found out they had a fashion class I took it. And I kind of just fell in love with it.”

Others did not start as early and have different motivations for remaining in the class and answering the call of fashion.

“I got into fashion around when I was in ninth grade,” Ribeiro said, “I wanted to make something that would help people find themselves and one of the ways I found was through fashion.”

Similar to how each student has a different story to their introduction to the fashion world, they also use different sources as their inspiration for the outfits they will display on the night of the Fashion Show.

“I work at a museum and one of the artist have a picture up that was titled ‘Gold’,” Ribeiro said, “It was of a young woman that was holding a picture frame that was gold and then sticking her head out. And it was inside the same picture frame that she was holding. And I’ve gotten the idea that I would do the same thing but with Vincent Van Gogh. I would use the gold skirt as the pop-out. Then the picture would “pop-out” and that’s why I call it the “pop-skirt”.

Another design that will be featured at the EveryWear fashion show was inspired by the environment.

“Right now I’m working on FCCLA, which is going to be in the show,” Truss said, “It’s the ‘Recycle and Redesign’ so I’m doing trash that’s in the ocean. My inspiration for that was a seagull stuck in trash so my dress is made out of plastic bags and feathers and it’s going to be covered in all sorts of trash.”

Even for those who are not able to participate by designing or creating the outfits, Calhoun wants to involve different students from around the school. The Cosmetology class will do the hair and makeup and other students will also have the opportunity to participate.

“I really want to get everyone involved,” Calhoun said, “The students construct garments that are made for themselves which is why we are accepting all shapes and sizes and not a particular model form. We’re going to try to match those [outfits] with students who are interested because maybe my fashion designers don’t want to be featured in the show. Maybe they’re shy or whatever but their designs are awesome.”

The first annual EveryWear fashion show will be on March 7, 2016 at 7:00pm. The show cost $3 for a Klein student and $5 for a non student.