Annual Topkat Pageant Brings Laughs

Maryn Corkran

Devin Jones


Two dancing hearts intertwine on stage in a grand and hilarious skit for the Mr.TopKat competition. Many gushing girls sit in the audience, ready to adore their favorite senior guys. Roses thrown left and right to the many spectators. And the great dances during the whole performance making this whole night come together. This all happened at the 10th annual Mr.TopKat competition, but the handsome men weren’t the only reason to go to this spectacle – there were also the performances by our great Standleaders.
Both the Standleader girls and the Standleader boys did the making of this Mr.TopKat. The Standleader boys definitely showed us their sassy side with their dance, and the girls did a performance with the Mr.TopKat contestants that made the boys even more lust worthy. There was also a performance by the cheerleaders, who showed their western style cheer that made the whole crowd shout and cheer with them. And no one could forget the performance by the Bearkadettes that got the whole crowd on their feet. Last, but not least, the drumline put on a performance that had everyone in the audience bobbing their head to the beat. All this led to this year’s Mr.TopKat competition that no one would forget.
“It feels like an honor and a little embarrassing because I can’t dance. But other than that I’m excited to win 250 dollars.” said Sammy Mazzanti
Sadly, Mazzanti was one of the 19 contestants that didn’t win one of the many awards, but some of the other contestant did get other awards like best in blue jeans, best smile, or best personality. Despite this, he was one of the many contestants that everyone was glad to see them dance and compete no matter how bad they thought they were. Their performance built excitement through the whole auditorium.
“So far it’s actually been pretty fun, especially to get with the guys you normally wouldn’t think their personalities would mix,” said senior Hakeem Awbrey. “Especially because our high school is so big, the popular people are whoever people think are cute or beautiful or handsome. But, when all these guys get together it’s like we’re brothers.”


And that’s what everyone saw on the stage that night, everyone saw the hard work and dedication that not only the guys put into this show, but also the Bearkadettes, Drumline, Theatre crew, and Standleaders. In the end, they all came together and worked as one unit to help each other out to make this show a great one to remember.