Football off to Strong Start


The 2016 football season started off with the first win against Aldine Benjamin Davis. With a huge turnout for the Bearkats, and a surprise appearance from Deputy Superintendent Larry Whitehead.

“I was excited for the first game of the season. Everyone was pumped and ready for the game. Davis was supposed to be good, but I had faith in our team,” Senior Kaitlyn Lockhart said.

With a quarterback recovering from surgery, the stakes were high. But with the determination of the football players and the backing of the fans, the Bearkats came out on top. The Bearkat crowd roared with excitement as the clock quickly fell to zero in the 4th quarter with a score of 34-12.

“Everybody’s going to be happy because we won, and we’re going to have so much school spirit, and it’s going to inspire the football team, and they’re just going to keep winning and we’re going to be the best Klein school there is,” Lockhart said

With fair weather conditions, the second game of the season kicked off with two touchdowns in the 1st quarter.  With a red sky above the field, everyone knew it was a sign that the Bearkat Nation would have another win. It was a high-performance game with end zone to end zone runs, and 40 yard passes.

“Every team’s ultimate goal is to make state. Taking it one game at a time, our first goal is to make districts. As a team, hard work, determination, and practice good things can happen,” said Coach Mike Shipman.

The most active game of the season so far was the game against Fort Bend Marshall on September 8th. The third quarter is when everything started getting heated. Ref’s calling flags on every other play. With the Buffalos suffering two injuries and the Bearkat’s suffering five, the stakes were high. In the last two minutes of the quarter, the Bearkats recovered a fumble from the Buffalos and scored a touchdown.

It was 4th quarter, 17-10 Buffalos. Bearkats trying to pull ahead, making run plays and sacks. A 15-yard throw completion by Bearkats, and a kick return to Buffalos 20-yard line. Bearkats made a touchdown with pass. Bearkats made a run attempt and were downed at Buffalos 30-yard line. The whole stadium became engulfed in mild silence for the next play that would determine whether the Bearkats would go into overtime. Bearkat’s succeeded at pass attempt for touchdown. The Bearkats side of the stadium shot up with screams and cheers of excitement. Score 24-24 overtime. Bearkats make it to the Buffalos 2-yard line. Bearkats score with an amazing running play. Leading into the 2nd overtime. Bearkats holding the Buffalos at the 40-yard line. Buffalo’s complete pass to the 10-yard line. Bearkats hold the Buffalos at the 10-yard line 3rd down. Buffalo’s complete running play for touchdown. Score 32-31 Buffalos.

“We could have done better on all assignments on both sides of the ball,” Shipman said.