On Nov. 5 the Klein High School Air Force ROTC drill teams competed against 19 schools in the Sheldons Salute To Veterans Drill Meet winning 1st in female color guard, 1st in male color guard, 1st in physical training, 2nd in armed inspection, and 3rd in novice inspection and regulation drill.

“Our teams did very well. I say that in a couple ways because one we won some trophies and placed in five of the 9 events that we entered, and 3 of them were 1st place, so the results were good,” said Senior Aerospace Science Instructor Colonel Tim Lambert

First year ROTC cadets made some very important accomplishments achieved at this competition. Being first year ROTC cadets they show heaps of dedication to what they do and are quick to integrate themselves into the ROTC way of doing things. Greatly displaying their understanding and applying the ROTC core value excellence in all we do.

“We were very fortunate enough to have first years come in very committed and ready to better our drill teams so at the previous competitions that they’ve done I feel like they’ve done very well in not just being committed but being dedicated to the corps,” said four-year ROTC Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Victoria Nguyen

Even with obstacles such as drill team practice attendance being very inconsistent, and one of the color guard drill team going out of bounds during the competition, the Klein High ROTC teams were able to pull through with three first place trophies. With ROTC student leadership calling for better attendance, Aerospace Science Instructors have begun making adjustment to the teams. While ROTC student leadership began to instill a method to allow attendance to go up again, which was to have cadets to freely choose what extra-curricular activities and drill teams they would like to join.

“When we first started drill team practices, they were going really well and attendance was high, but we started lacking in attendance due to cadets in the joining other extra-curricular activities within ROTC,” said Cadet Lt. Col. Nguyen

Preparing for their next competition, ROTC leadership has begun critiquing and encouraging drill team member to practice harder. Working on details such as marching sharply, pivoting sharply, and arm swing. Practicing every day from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. the drill teams have put in a large amount of work into what they do

“I think the drill teams as a whole have done pretty good, I mean there’s always room for improvement, but so far the dedication and hard work that has been put into the drill teams has been through the roof. It’s more than I ever could have expected,” Said cadet lieutenant colonel Sydney Ayala