Basketball Season Preview

Bearkat Basketball looks forward to another hopeful year

Carson Lane, Sports Editor


Basketball Season Preview

            In 48 years of coaching, varsity basketball coach Glenn Arnold has seen a lot, but he has always stayed true to Texas. Growing up in East Texas, Arnold is a child of the game, playing in both high school and college. Arnold has seen it all including coaching future professional players, such as Lovie Smith.

Arnold took a pause before sharing his favorite team, however.

“I gotta say the Houston Rockets. Growing up, I was a Celtics fan. Larry Bird was there. Almost everyone was a Lakers or Celtics growing up. Those were the two big names,” Arnold said.

Coming off a playoff run in which the Bearkats made it to the Sweet 16 last year, Coach Arnold thinks the team is ready for another playoff run.

“The expectations are the same as always: Get in the playoffs,” Arnold said.

When training for a new season, coaches take different philosophies. The foundation you lay at the beginning of training and practice sets the tone for the whole year. Some coaches like to begin every year from the ground up, beginning with the basics. Coach Arnold, on the other hand views it differently.

“You’re either rebuilding, which is tough, but we reloaded, which means we’re expecting to be successful,” Arnold said. “I just want us to improve from last year and not get complacent.”

When 11 of the 12 members of the varsity team are seniors, the hope is that the team is ready to compete.

“It’s unusual, but those are our best players. I think they can get us deep into the playoffs,” Arnold said.

One of those players is senior Darius Green, who is making his 2nd year on varsity and looks to be a prominent member on the team.

“As a weakness right now, I’d probably say staying focused and alert, but some strengths I have; I can really move the ball and shoot the ball and score, inside and outside,” Green said in his self-assessment.

Last year, Green and his teammates advanced into the 3rd round of the playoffs, finishing among the final 16 teams left in Texas. However, Green and the Bearkats have set their sights even higher this year.

“This year, we set our goal as a team to make it four rounds into the playoffs. The goal though is to get to state and get a ring.” Green said.

Green looks to accomplish this goal with his teammates, including Aaron Davis. When asked who was best in a one vs one competition, Green said.

“I’m gonna have to go with Aaron,” Green added before laughing.

Davis, for his part, chose Green as the deadliest teammate to face in a one vs one. Aaron Davis looks to be a big part of the Bearkats team this year, after impressively making the varsity team as a sophomore, which surprised even himself a bit.

“I was sick the day of tryouts, but I thought it was cool to make it as a sophomore. I was excited for the season,” Davis said.

Aaron has also set personal goals along with team goals, looking to improve himself as a player.

“I finish well on the inside, but I need to work on my shooting,” Davis said, before adding “I also need to help get the team to Regional Tournament and finish first or second in District.”

It’s clear in talking to Arnold or any of his players that they believe in themselves. Bearkat basketball is looking to improve on last year’s success, and Arnold believes they have the pieces to do it. Unprompted, Arnold made sure to mention that this is one of the best coaching staffs he has ever worked with.

“The coaching staff we have here is great all around, and one of the best ones I’ve worked with,” Arnold said.