Klein Drama’s The Addams Family Opens Next Month



     Next month “The Addams Family” will be performed by Klein Drama.  “The Addams family” is a musical comedy about a family that doesn’t quite fit into everyday society.  As the family daughter gets older she falls in love with a normal boy and faces the challenge of how her family will accept the boy and how the boy will react to her family. The show is going to be performed on January 18, 19, 20, and 22.

     “I am most excited about ‘The Addams Family’ because I have never choreographed a show before,” choreographer and actor of Gomez, Ryan Esparza said. “Being in charge of the choreography I get to make it unique and a new Addams Family that no one’s ever seen before!  I think people should come see the show because it’s a lot fun. As an audience member you get to play an active role in the show and there’s so many different things that your eyes can be on. There’s so many different characters to follow through the script. There’s also very few times that you’re not laughing a lot so it would just be really fun to come see it.  I think the dance ‘Just Around The Corner’ is a super wow-y dance, so I think  that number will make people excited.”

     Everyone is bringing their own unique individualism to the production.

     “I’m excited for everyone to get to perform on the Klein stage and to get to see Ryan’s amazing choreography in action,” director Tina Domino said.  “People should come see the show because it’s fun and these kids have worked super hard and they’ve done a great job; it’s good. They’re gonna get a good laugh.  I think the audience will enjoy the unique humor and the dancing and a good night out.”   

     Tickets will be available to purchase soon.