Bearkats Begin Preparations For Competition


With summer ending, the Bearkats came into the 2018-2019 school year with determination and hard work in mind. Being only 3 weeks into the school year, various organizations have already started preparing for competitions that will take place at the end of the year.  


“It’s important to prepare ahead of time with French Symposium because, the earlier you start the better chance you have of really mastering whatever you’re going to perform,” French Teacher Madame Solis said.


With school work and competition preparations piling, students participating in competitions such as FCCLA, HOSA, and French Symposium have made it their job to make sure everything is being completed.


“I am a big advocate for scheduling, I set aside a schedule ahead of time so I have time for each of my studies like academics as well as extracurriculars,” junior Sanjana Jacob said.


Although competition isn’t soon, students are still dedicating their time by starting preparations.


“When you prepare early, you are able to get out the details, like if you fail you know that is one way you can’t do it,” senior Nathan Ion said. “It’s better to fail earlier than later because then you can fix it and you have time to adjust.”


The students are constantly learning new things and carrying that with them for the future.


“I learned about the different industries in FCCLA and that you need to be prepared ahead of time,” senior Susan Brown said.


Though this school year has just started, these students are determined to make it a successful one.


“Even though you are going through a lot of hard work, in the back of your mind you always know that at the end of it, even if you don’t succeed, you will still be satisfied with all of your hard work,”  Ion said.