A Work of Art


Tattoos are usually known to be something thug or “gangster” since they aren’t allowed to be shown in most high schools. But for some people, tattoos express something more sentimental and loving than others generally think.

Senior Janeen Garcia showed a picture of an anchor decorated in daisies and irises and said why that image meant so much to her.

“I want to get this on my sternum because when I was little, my mom had cancer and her surgery left her a vertical scar down her sternum and it’s something she is super insecure about, so I want to put a little beauty back to a place she deems not beautiful,” Garcia said. “The anchor represents keeping me anchored to who I am, the daisies are my mom’s birth flower, and the irises represent hope.”

To some of the students, their memories are something important that they’d like to keep close to them and remember for the rest of their lives. Senior Yakira Sanchez explained why she wants a tattoo of the words ‘Hey Jude’ written on her finger.

“My grandpa and my mom always used to sing it to me when I was little,” she said.

Whether it is your own family or one of a close friend, the significance of some tattoos mean a lot to students. Senior Matt Serpico said why he wants the ghost from the album “Kids See Ghosts” tattoo.

“It is significant to me because me and my best friend that I’ve known since I was 3-years-old listened to that album after his dad passed and it has a song called ‘Reborn’ that really speaks to both of us,” Serpico said.